Licensed Home Inspections

A Home Inspection is intended to provide an overview of the systems and components of a home and to find those key issues that may require a further investigation or repair by a specialist. With reference to a home inspection, an ‘issue’ is something not functioning as intended. Our inspector, Timothy Arn, uses an extensive knowledge of the building science field while conducting his thorough home inspection and his communication skills to ensure that the client understands all issues involved.

An average inspection will require roughly 3 hours to conduct and is followed by a full digital report. Our report is divided into eight basic areas; Exterior, Interior, Structure, Basement or Crawl Space, Electric, Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, and Kitchen. There will be digital photos of the issues with circles and arrows to further specify and clarify those issues within that frame. The software program utilized by Home Spec is the home inspection industries leading inspection reporting system and is very ‘user friendly’.

Call us today for further information or a quote. Home Spec has a full time office manager with whom you may talk and ask specific questions. 252-337-6196