Certified Septic Inspections

Home Spec of NC, Inc was the first home inspection company in Northeastern North Carolina that offered a legal certified septic inspection. Timothy Arn is trained and certified by the state and offers this service alongside his home inspections. Our office will secure a copy of the original septic system permit (when on file with the county health department) and Mr. Arn will then identify the location of the tank and drain field in relation to the house. After uncovering and opening the access to the tank he visually inspects and tests the system for adequate flow from the house to the tank, and sufficient flow from the tank to the distribution box and into the drain-field. The report comes with digital photos just like the home inspection.
Prior to this state required septic inspector certification some home inspectors conducted what was referred to as a ‘dye test’ or a ‘functional flow analysis’. These are no longer considered legitimate tests of a septic system and are actually illegal if presented as such as a part of any real estate transaction.
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