Certified Mold Inspections; Indoor Environmental Inspections

You may be ‘at risk’ for health problems arising from exposure to mold, allergens, radon, or other environmental hazards that threaten clean air quality. Have you experienced Allergy like symptoms, asthma type breathing difficulties? Have you had any water intrusion in your home or business such as a damp basement or crawl space, condensation, leaking roof, or plumbing? Do health problems lessen when away from the property? We are trained to detect and identify the presence of environmental hazards, and to locate the cause and origin of the problem so that it can be corrected. Tim has achieved the covetted CIEC designation…Council-Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant.

Home Spec will provide a thorough and comprehensive inspection using the state of the art equipment and procedures to evaluate the air quality of your home or business. The services provided are efficient, accurate and completed in a timely and professional manner. Once we have inspected your property, we will provide you with a full report and laboratory findings. Mold and indoor air quality inspection services are provided as an appropriate response to complaints about poor air quality by occupants, before property transactions, after a catastrophic incident (flood, storm damage, water intrusion), or when new owners take over a building.

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