Healthy Homes Practitioner

A Healthy Home is designed, constructed, maintained, or rehabilitated in a manner that supports the health of residents. A growing body of evidence links housing conditions to health outcomes such as asthma, lead poisoning, lung cancer, and unintentional injuries and shows the effectiveness of various healthy homes interventions to ‘fix’ the home to protect resident health. Any home may have health hazards. Creating healthier housing promotes the growth and development of our children, helps to protect the elderly and other immune system compromised individuals, and can save billions of dollars in health care costs.

Home Spec uses an integrated evaluation approach that considers; people living in the home, the structure, and potential health hazards. We are trained to assess and treat housing related health hazards with a focus on practical and cost-effective methods. A house is a system and should be treated holistically. Home Spec follows seven basic steps to healthy homes and we will work with clients to achieve all seven.

Our motto is: Keep it …Dry; Pest-Free; Safe; Maintained; Clean; Ventilated; and Contaminant Free !

Our inspector has been involved with housing at every level. The Healthy Homes Practitioner Certification now offers the opportunity for him to combine his various certifications and licenses into a comprehensive and holistic evaluation of your home. A full evaluation, using the HUD Healthy Housing Inspection Manual, may require as much as three or four hours of inspecting, evaluating, and discussion with the occupants. Together, a plan of action will be designed for the health of your home and those that live and grow within.

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